“It’s a process where I do the most to keep the least and show the essential.”


      Franco Égalité is an illustrator and artist living and working in Montreal, Canada. Raised by his single-mother, he learned to hold a pen and trace a line before walking on his two feet. He knows how to walk now, and yet hasn’t stop tracing his line.

The sensual and captivating drawings of Franco E. takes us into a world where the body plays and exposes itself freely. The bright colors highlights the curves and expressions of these inviting and fiery characters, and although its creator expresses being influenced by cubism and the aesthetic concept of Japanese Ma, one is caught in this vibrant graphic universe. In this way, a range of emotions and ideas is offered to viewers, free to get caught up in his subliminated bodies. 

~ Claire Behå, Fubiz


Stella Artois

Hachette Livres
DC Comics/Warner Bros.
Disney Animation Television
Nickelodeon Animation
MURAL Festival
Omer Deserres

Air Transat
Université du Québec à Montreal (UQAM)